Spells used in clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the most played smartphone game in today’s world. It is even marked as one of the most addictive game. This game is developed and published by the Supercell Company in the year 2016. This is basically a strategic game of saving your own kingdom from the hands of opponents. Multiplayer battles make this game even more interesting. You have to think pretty hard to make the correct decision at the correct time.

Let’s discuss some of the major tips and strategies that should be kept in mind while playing this game and these things will definitely help you get higher in the table of trophies:

Different types of spells

One of the most important things in this game is the spell card. The spell card will help you gain excellent profits in Elixir and clash royale free gems and will definitely allow you to win by finishing off the towers. They are regarded as the most difficult cards by many as misplacement of these cards can flip the situation of a battle upside down.

Arrows are the basics in the sector of spell cards. This card gets unlocked at the training section. Arrows can provide you will a large number of incredible elixir or equal exchange and also it has the ability to counter bog threats. It has a large amount of radius. This will give you an additional opportunity to get the maximum out of the cards.

Fireball is quite similar to arrows because it is the one that also allows you to gain some amount of Elixirs. Fireballs are more effective in destruction as compared to the arrows. One shot of fireball is enough to destroy the Barbarians of your opponent.

Lighting is the most popular between the first three cards that have been discussed. It completely destroys annoying decks to play against. It attacks around 3 enemy units with the highest amount of HP.

The rocket card is quite similar to the lighting card because of both uses around 6 Elixir. The timing of launching a rocket in this game is extremely necessary. It produces a greater impact on the opponent.

One of the scariest spells, the freeze spell does the work of freezing the towers of the opponent’s camp. This helps you to attack with larger troops without losing all of them at a time.

From the above article, it can clearly be understood that what the uses are of spell cards. This will surely help you to get over win opponents with a thumping win every time.

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