RPG Review: Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core

Ever since Final Fantasy 7 burned its legacy into our memories, fans have clamored for more than ten years. Square Enix has made the attempt to quench the thirst of mad vampiric gamers, and this prequel, Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core, has done just that.
Some of the hard-core players of the original game may know of a character named Zack, who made several brief appearances in cut-scenes. This is the character you will be playing as during the game. For the reason that this game is a prequel and I would hate to ruin the storyline, I will not reveal any of the character’s roles outright.

However, I will elaborate on the game-play. The style of this game is similar to a hack’n’slash, in that certain buttons will execute actions during battle. The triangle button allows you to block attacks, the square button will make Zack roll, the x button will execute attacks and magic, the circle button lets you exit menus, and the L and R buttons will cycle through your commands. However, there is only one menu that pops up during battle, which is for the items.

Also is the questionable DMW (Digital Mind Wave) system for this game. You will have absolutely no control on the outcome of the DMW, but it will have absolute control over what we used to call limit breaks. When the heads of three figures line up, it will perform a special attack or healing ability depending on the character. It will also allow for summons to be called out. When the number of the slots line up to 777, Zack will level up if he has enough experience to do so. If only two digits (1-6) come up, the materia you have equipped onto that place in the menu will level up. For example, if you have a Thunder materia equipped to the third available slot in your menu and the DMW brings up two threes, then you Thunder materia will level up.

Speaking of materia, Crisis Core allows players to combine two materia into one new one through the process of Materia Fusion. This is beneficial in several ways. 1: Your materia’s bonus effects may grow. Instead of having HP+10%, you could upgrade it to give you a bonus pf HP+50%. 2: This allows you to make new kinds of materia. For example, combining a fire with a silence materia will make a dark fire materia. 3: When combining mastered materia, you can create higher level spells and commands for Zack to use.

One nice addition to this game is the ability to take optional missions. Taking these missions will not only help to level Zack up, but will help you acquire rare equipment and materia that you otherwise would not have access to. With a grand total of 300 missions available, the crazed gamers that love to unlock everything with have their thumbs busy for a long time.

The music for this game ranges from some invigorating hard rock to relaxing and mood-enhancing classical music. Ever since the later games on Final Fantasy have been released, it seems that the music has climbed in the ranks of video soundtracks. The music conveys an accurate mood of the settings and events, and even battles. Many tracks from the original game have been rerecorded with better instrumentals.

Also important are the graphics. Now, as far as PSP games go, we have yet to see too many impressive placeholders with exceptions and kudos due to games such as God of War: Chains of Olympus, the Grand-theft Auto games, and some other unknown titles. Crisis Core . Its cut scenes are uncanny to the Final Fantasy movie Advent Children, and the game-play looks something like God of War.

Many gamers have purchased this game to answer some of the questions that Final Fantasy 7 posed. It will fill you in on the role of Zack in the big picture of things, give you a better connection with the named-changed Aerith (originally Aeris), and introduce some of the other characters from the original game for some good old nostalgia. However, by the game’s end, you will find that while you may have found some answers, you will be haunted by newer questions that have not been answered.

Rating this game on a range from one to ten, I would give this game a solid nine. The only reason that I don’t deem this game as a ten is because a ten is total perfection is every way, and no game will ever live up to that standard. However, I highly suggest anyone who enjoys RPGs, hack’n’slashers, or old-school fans of Final Fantasy 7 to give this game a go.

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