Beginner Tips for Clash Royale

This is a list of tips that may be useful to you if you have recently started playing Clash Royale. This is not an exhaustive list and you will learn some lessons on your own as you play along and progress in the game.

Spend Gems and Coins Wisely

Do not waste your gems on opening generic chests quickly, for example a silver chest or a gold chest. It’s justified to open a chest quickly if it has a Legendary or Epic and you have a tournament or challenge coming up, Clash Royale is after all a competitive game and there can be no better way to give you an edge.

Make A Good Deck

It is quite common for players to just jump into a game gung-ho without thinking why they need each card for. When you make a deck you need a card for splash damage to deal with hordes, a ranged/ air defense card to deal with enemies that attack from the air and you need a strong offensive card that you will use primarily to take down towers.

Read the Stats

It is quite common for beginners to not pay attention to the stats and they miscalculate and make bad judgments. It is important to know the stats of each card so you know how much damage will be done by your card and how many blows it can take from your enemies’ cards. You also need to know how fast your cards attack so you can adjust the positioning of your cards accordingly. It is, after all, a strategy game.

It’s okay to lose and fall down the ladder, but it’s important to be patient and not get angry. You’ll get frustrated too quickly you will continue losing and this will pull you into a spiral of loss. You need to learn from your mistakes and be patient. Learning how to hack clash royale is all about patience.

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